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Our mission, here at KPS, is to eliminate all the frustrations that come with an unforeseen power outage due to unpredictable weather in Hawaii, and keep your business running and your family safe.


Don’t be left in the dark. KPS has you covered with licensed electricians & certified technicians on board to provide excellent customer service and personalized assistance for your business 24hrs a day.


KPS has a comprehensive line of KOHLER products and are committed to providing you with services that minimize the impact on the environment and produce the power you need in your home, business or marine vessels.


At KPS, we are your “One Solution” for your power needs in Hawaii. We are in the age where if the power goes out, everyday life and business are put on hold. With KPS by your side you can rest assure that your power is protected and you can focus on what is most important… your family and your business. We offer punctual, reliable and efficient services to all our Hawaii customers.

KPS provides generator and electrical services for your industrial, residential or marine needs. In addition, we offer residential and commercial power generation equipment sales, maintenance and prevention services for all types of generators. As a KOHLER certified dealer and CATERPILLAR Factory Certified Technicians on the KPS team, all your power needs will be addressed correctly by the people you can trust the first time. Our mission is to eliminate the frustrations you experience with power outages using the philosophy of “ONE SOLUTION”.

“One Solution” is the mindset of KPS. Why should you worry about the power going out or a piece of electrical equipment going out, and the world coming to a halt, when you have a partner that will work with you to make sure your equipment is properly maintained throughout the year and repaired diligently and affordably. One phone call and we take over that burden for you…

News and Innovations

OnCue Home Generator Management System

    • Allows homeowners to remotely manage generator performance from anywhere in the world.
    • Relays status messages to you or your local KOHLER dealer.
    • View real-time status of generator operation.
    • Observe and/or clear any diagnostic fault codes.
    • Review a time-stamped history of faults and clearing of fault.

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